Ever Wonder: How Can I Have Better Sex?

If you’re feeling stressed out, then one of the best ways to unwind is to have the best sex of your life! But not all of us get to enjoy the ultimate sexual experience that we need and deserve. How can you have better sex? It all comes down to kicking up your sexual...

How Does a Sybian Rental Work?

We get email all the time asking what the process is like. It's pretty simple actually! First: Finding the rental that best suits you Are you in a for a quick test drive and afternoon of fun? If that's the case, then an Afternoon Delight Rental is probably your best...

5 Ways To Make Women Feel Sexy, not Slutty

This is an open letter to all the guys out there, single and married. Make us feel sexy and we're yours forever, make us feel slutty and well... It never fails, I go out with a guy on a first date, I'm feeling it, he's feeling it and then things just suddenly go...

Ever Wondered: How Do Swingers’ Clubs Work?

Going to a swingers' club for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience. With a little information and preparation, you can have a fun, safe experience that you'll be thinking about for months afterward. Who Should Go To A Swingers' Club? Couples If you're a...

Spice Up Your Sex Life With A Sexy Saturday

As much as we love sex, it can get, stale after a while. Years and years, or for some, even weeks of the same ol' can put a strain on your sex life. Maybe you've put on weight, are stressed or have two kids screaming in the background, whatever the reason, sometimes...

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