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How do you clean the machine?

The Sybian is covered in marine grade vinyl. The entire unit is cleaned after each and every use with great care and in a non-rushed environment. We use Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide. Clorox’s hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent is EPA-registered to kill pathogens on both hard surfaces and soft surfaces. The product kills Norovirus, Rotavirus, RSV, MRSA, and TB just to name a few. We encourage you to review the vast number of microorganisms this product is effective against by CLICKING HERE.
Additionally the unit is then cleaned with a anti fungal toy cleaner that is safe for skin, clothing and textiles.

All attachments are boiled and disinfected with Clorox Healthcare® Hydrogen Peroxide prior to you receiving the unit.

It is also possible to use a condom with most of the inserts if you so wish, which is especially useful if you’re planning on having more than one rider in a session.

Who will deliver the machine and how?

The machine will be delivered by one of our customer service associates. The machine is transported in an unmarked container. The associate will open the container, unpack the machine and attachments and instruct you on use. Our employees understand the value of discretion and will not discuss what they are delivering with anyone while entering or exiting your premises.

Will the Sybian suport a larger woman like myself?

Absolutely, the machine’s housing is rated to withstand weight in excess of 400 pounds.

Will I become desensitized?

No. In fact you’re more likely to become MORE sensitive for a short time.
Sex during and after use of the machine is also heightened. The nerve endings of your entire clitoris will be lit up with sensitivity. Most riders find that after a few orgasms on the Sybian, intercourse is also profoundly more intense and pleasurable.

A tremendous amount of vibration is experienced and a certain level of control is needed to not overwhelm your body. It’s important to take your time getting used to the riding the machine. Like an vibrational toy, you’ll know when your done.

Is the Sybian noisy?

The motors themselves are not noisy, but the vibration they create can be intense. When turned up to its maximum speed level the machine would definitely not be considered quiet. That being said, there are certain steps you can take to minimize sound in and around the machine that include placing the machine on a padded surface or on the center of a bed, please make sure there is safely enough room for you to maneuver before doing so.

I suffer from Latex allergy. Can I use the Sybian anyway?

You can use the Sybian without concern as all parts are Latex free. All inserts are made of a material known as Dynaflex which is a TPE Compound and Kraton. No allergic reactions have ever been reported.

I am using a Diaphragm or IUD. Can I still use the Sybian?

NO, the manufacturer’s recommends against using the Sybian if you use a Diaphragm.

Can I use the Sybian if I am pregnant?

NO, the manufacturer’s recommends against using the Sybian if you are pregnant.

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