(Last Updated On: March 6, 2018)

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We get email all the time asking what the process is like. It’s pretty simple actually!

First: Finding the rental that best suits you

Are you in a for a quick test drive and afternoon of fun? If that’s the case, then an Afternoon Delight Rental is probably your best option! This rental gives you a couple of hours with the Sybian and a chance to see if it’s something you’d like to explore further without the expense of an overnight rental.
If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then an Overnight Rental is definitely a great choice. This is no casual evening at home. It’s a chance for hours and hours of Sybian fun and probably more orgasms for you or your partner than you’ve ever had before!

Now that you’ve decided what kind of experience you’re in for, it’s time to pick when you will have your mind blown!

Second: Placing the order

We make it as easy as possible to get your Sybian on! Go to the page for the experience you want: Afternoon Delight or Overnight Rental.

A calendar on the right side of the screen will display the current month and all available days for that rental appear in green. Click on the day you want and available times will pop up below the calendar. Click on the time and then click the Book Now button. The rental will be placed in your cart.

Click on the cart button in the menu bar and then begin your checkout.

Our system will automatically calculate delivery fees if there are any. If ,for some reason you get the message There are no shipping methods available, then click here to contact us for additional options.

Photo by kedai lelaki / CC BY

Photo by kedai lelaki / CC BY

Third: The delivery

One of our delivery agents will call you beforehand to verify you will be available to accept the Sybian delivery. We can only deliver to the individual who is the credit card holder. Unfortunately company policy prevents us from blindly dropping the equipment.

Once our delivery agent arrives, they will discreetly transport the device in a plainly marked container to the delivery location.

Upon meeting with you, they will provide all accessories as well as quick instructions on how to operate the Sybian.

Fourth: The FUN!

Use your Sybian for a couple of hours or the entire evening (depending on which rental you chose) and have the time of your life!

Finally: The Pickup

Our agent will contact you 30 minutes prior to the pickup time you were provided with at delivery. They will discreetly pickup the equipment and let you know when your deposit will be refunded (usually 24 hours or less).

That’s it! 

Ready to get your rental on!?

Rent a Sybian now!!

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