(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

If you are looking for some new ways to spice up your relationship, while also having a bit of fun on campus, there are a number of places you can use to take your sex to the next level. Here are the top five best places to have sex on campus:

Fifty-Yard Line Sex

Definitely one of the riskiest places to have sex, but quite possibly one of the most spectacular, if you do it right! Sneaking onto your school’s football field and having sex on the fifty-yard line could be the most incredible orgasm of your life and the best “graduation” present to yourself and your partner(s). I think it’s time for a selfie!

Office Hours, More like Office Orgasms

If there is a professor or TA that made your journey through college difficult, consider using their desk as your own personal sex playground! Liberating, messy sex could quite possibly be the best payback for the low grade you got on a final last semester!


Every elevator has emergency stop buttons. Before attempting any crazy antics, look for cameras, and gently push the stop button “accidentally.” If you don’t hear alarms going off and the elevator stops, you’re probably in good shape. Wait for your moment, bring some black scarves and surprise your partner by going commando!

Spice Up Your Next Boring Lecture

There are plenty of spots in large lecture halls that can be used for nookie. Depending on how large it is, you might even be able to have sex DURING a lecture! Whether you find a conveniently placed storage locker or one of the back rows of seats, just make sure and scout it out in advance. Don’t forget to watch janitors that might be coming your way.

Librarius Orgasmicus Maximus aka The Library!

Every library has secluded spots that never seem to get any foot traffic. What better way to take a study break than gettin’ some action in the non-fiction section. If you’ve got unused conference tables or sofas, even better!

These are just some of the places we’ve heard make great sex spots. Always be careful and make sure you aren’t breaking any rules that could get you bounced from school.

Get creative, get crazy and get some!

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