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Any great ride begins with a great machine and we rent only the finest machine available in the entire world. The Sybian is the gold standard in pleasure devices.

Comparing a Sybian to your vibrator at home is like comparing a Miata to a Lamborghini. Similar to the great sports cars of today, each and every Sybian is hand built by craftsman to the highest specifications. With over six-thousand RPMs of power and controls for both rotation and vibration that will rumble through you, we guarantee it will be the sexual experience of your life. Most women don’t experience an orgasm on the Sybian, they experience a life altering event.

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How Does a Sybian Rental Work?

We get email all the time asking what the process is like. It's pretty simple actually! First: Finding the rental that best suits you Are you in a for a quick test drive and afternoon of fun? If that's the case, then an Afternoon Delight Rental is probably your best...

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